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The Drone team is the newest addition to become part of Mesa County Search and Rescue Control and was created to enhance the teams’ effectiveness in the field using autonomous, semi-autonomous, and remote control unmanned vehicles. Currently, the Drone team has one large multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle with thermal, extreme optical zoom, and high-quality UHD color cameras but has plans to expand to include fixed-wing aircraft and underwater vehicles to further enhance the capabilities of the team in an even larger set of scenarios.

The Drone team was created by, and is solely subsisted by, donations from the public that it serves. Without these donations, the team would not exist nor would it be able to continue existing. The Drone team would once again like to give an extremely heart-felt thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this valuable resource a reality to better serve our community.

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The team trains just about anywhere around the valley where missions can occur. Our pilots under-go specified trainings for them to be most effective in the field both during the daytime, and nighttime. Training can even sometimes include flight time with the actual controls in a simulated computer environment to gain or maintain familiarity with how the vehicle functions and moves while in the air without the danger to equipment or personnel.

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Skills for the sharpening block:

  • Familiarity with the entirety of the aircraft, controls, payloads, and support systems
  • Familiarity with all procedures and requirements
  • Familiarity with all federal regulations and waivers and waiver processes
  • Spatial awareness
  • Hand eye coordination
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  • Part 107 license (Training and test prep can be provided)
  • Be on the Ground Team and in good standing for at least 1 year to better understand those we support
  • Maintain minimum trainings per quarter/year
  • Maintain minimum missions per quarter/year
  • Prior experience with UAVs preferred but not required
  • Adhere to any and all Standard Operating Procedures and Regulations

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