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Mesa County water team specializes in search operations involving our local network of rivers and waterways including the Colorado, Gunnison, and Deloris river. The team helps provide public education on safe water recreation practices and supports other local agencies. The team is a volunteer non-profit organization. We love and respect our local waterways and we want you to enjoy them safely.

On the water

the boat team

Our Swiftwater team would not be complete without our boats. Our captains transport swimmers up and down the shore quickly, keep an eye on those in the water, assist in searches, and do this all safely with their extensive knowledge of the river bottom.

When a search is in an area of water with low visibility, we call on our dive partners. They are specially trained in searching thoroughly from the service to the bottom.

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The water team trains indoors during the winter months to keep fresh with our techniques and fitness. The season begins around May and will ramp up with runoff from snowmelt. The water flows for the season greatly determine how long through the summer months we can train and are busy. We often work with other agencies practicing with boat drives and swimmers to keep our rescue skills sharp.

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  • Water safety- team members, and equipment
  • Understanding Hydrology and river hazards
  • Boat handling and support
  • Shore support
  • Exit and entering the water
  • High probability search areas and river traps
  • Handling people in the water and on boats- conscious and unconscious.
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  • One year on the ground team
  • Yearly swim test
  • Current Swift water one certification
  • Basic knowledge of river behavior
  • Boat mentorship program
  • Boat handling test

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