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Braving the cold

The Search and Rescue Control (SAR) Snowmobile Team, provides snowmobiles and their operators to conduct searches, rescues, and/or logistics in snow environments. They are the primary resource for searches and rescues of snowmobilers, and provide support for other teams when operating in winter conditions. Team operates and maintains a specialized snowmobile ambulance sled and puller. The team also provides dirt bikes and operators for specialized single track summer operations.

The Western Slope Snowmobile Association, Inc, (SnowSkippers) is responsible for providing the above services to SAR when called upon by the Mesa County Sheriff.

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The Snowmobile team leaders meet monthly to discuss missions and training opportunities. The team hosts an outdoor ALL SARC training once per season, and have at least 1 indoor training per season. Snowmobile skills training is the very important to our team, and skills can only be gained by riding, so we look for sledders that ride the back country 10-30 times per season.

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  • Riding proficiency
  • Awareness and familiarity with fellow team members
  • GPS Navigation
  • Medical Basics and CPR
  • Amateur Radio
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  • Training required for team memberships is ICS-100.B and/or ICS-700.A
  • First Aid
  • Avalanche beacon proficiency test
  • Basic GPS navigation
  • Comprehensive field snowmobile proficiency evaluation.
  • In addition for Hasty Team Leaders: Amateur radio license, and a Level 1 Avalanche certification are preferred.

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